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The year is one Dominance Immune to the obstruction The dawn of awkward legacies Proliferate Concocted in degrees of mental state Nature unifies - pure and innocent Syndicate the fall of the continents Vehicles of insult Discharged, Catapult Discipline Motives of intoxication emerge In next of kin Durable but still fatigued Fungus on the mind Impulse Temple of apathies Numbsight represent The absolute magnificent We fascinate the infantile A sinister, in profile The germ influence Family in bond The pride is strong The loose mouth antiseptic prolongs Lead in stride Culture of fury Festivals of thought Parsuading, Mass is strong As strong as the man in me Thug in keep of what he sees Greed flavored The rapic hands don't sleep Oral message not convincing Not taking to your liking Slit their throats and leave them begging Drenched with passion Heart is burning I'll crack the skulls continuous Infect the ears now left sensuous The tactics of a mind ajar Leaving wounds Leaving mental scars Year one The gathering of the underground Millions of unheard voices Ready to claim their answer now You set you trap - But we counterattack Escape like a phat rat Music of war surrounds It's the beginning... Of the final round melodiei Year One album mp3 mp3 mp3 versuri melodia. mp3 Candiria muzica muzica straina cantece cuvintele versurile versuri.

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