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CHAPTER ONE my love despises hate and hate despises love catastrophic tone transforming the structures in which we live activate the severed episodes different pose same physique which one in life does wisdom seek? the ultimate utility disturbing the behaviors in such ways that can't be reached unless the mold was cracked a thousand times enhancing the developments CHAPTER TWO awaken infinite third eye expansion this thing of ours holds stands firm steel foundation deep rooted fractured skulls are opened CHAPTER THREE the temperatures are rising motivate the self to form up from the down exhaust recycled norm unaware of the excrements slapping you down arrows spewing breathing evolution cycles astound plentiful the years shall go on 365 days plant the seed planting the seeds tap in to the master kingdom comfort the seas essence of all the dynasties arms embracing the rivers overflow weaving frames stronger than mountains iron whole CHAPTER FOUR sluggard lost all the glimmer in the eyes lacking luster gloating with intent parasite brittle vanished they the vicious an aftermath of visual sensations favoring the intelligence wandering in search of understanding CHAPTER FIVE columns of three parade increasing with the presence of degrees designate constant elevating mental state competing with the cattle sponge, soak, consume an assortment of the many flavors that pursue the suggested connection bursting into an emotional collapse this thirst has reflection multiplied by all these things all these keys and all they bring unlock the doors to your excellence CHAPTER SIX i will inhale this green redemption fulfilling the true essence fall face first in opposition the stepping stone to progression radiate in this splendor ambition calculate the strategies disrupting the existence keeping the balances can you see my vision? CHAPTER SEVEN take this stone pile of brick my backbone unbreakable legions of demons in heat my war is spiritual chasing on the heels of my charred feet seducing burning me with breath the vinegar posture pours it infests CHAPTER EIGHT (lyrics by James Shanahan) suffering within yourself while the truth has you dying alone hate behind these eyes holds a destiny i use the pain to fuel the fire inside your choices have you trapped where every step leads to a path that has you back at the start you might escape defeat in a world out to get you but the finger on the trigger is yours CHAPTER NINE if i come of one will you understand the depths of me? perceivable i can only belong to the man in me they no longer believe in a cause they amputate persuasive speech to entice the human flaws I move to associate we believe in the vision we believe in the goals we believe in the universe and the hands that touch the soul persecuted for my gaping jaws bleeding the gums walking with the dogs the ultimate reality sense of all strength heals the sores CHAPTER TEN injustice prevents me from the goals I set for me overwhelmed by boundaries power trips adversity these demons fuck my mind and have tried to suck my pride robbed me of my success driven me into unrest but I shall not lie for them show them that I do intend to exceed beyond the trends break the limits I've been sent

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