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CHAPTER ONE deep deeper than the stain of twisted guilt that hungers for the laceration of the negligence taste the fruit and all of its wickedest perfection the sorrows that linger in the temple of thyself madness clutching to the wall of thoughts consuming all the superstitious ignorance that has been taught elevate to the highest level of the mental filthiness that drifts along the tides of burdened grief CHAPTER TWO reality decays all of humanity now crumbling in its way seasons of depression bringing forth the heathens of the life now the sickness is revealed to the yes hatred flowing through the arteries of educated man fermenting in its grace everlasting pure rancid properties now left disconsolate by iniquities dwell in the conviction now the growing breathes CHAPTER THREE pure filthiness at one with the ailments coma sick lost for all this time passageway to disease infects love eat knowledge feeds reproducing in swarms hunger of the bees life potent sting poison of the tongues persisting CHAPTER FOUR human stink suffering subconscious now betrays deep in profanities famine sweeps the heart and love now exists heartless less of heart trembleth at thy thoughts insanity in the abundance they cry hungry CHAPTER FIVE time weeps bringing the twist of desires to horror the worlds bleed plagued by the arrogance of the forefathers breathe inhale the fumes of perpetual loathing pain divine mental divinity of those who are suffering violent skies deep in torment mother cannabis take me to total redemption

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