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CHAPTER ONE Check the vertical damages We'll wrap you up in bandages, for real My heart is made of flesh My tongue of steel irradicating the nervous system spinal cord retraction head lock we flowin' rugged and nappy like jamaican dreadlocks eclectic episodes these cat's is maulin' on blocks and i'll have you spinnin' like a dozen of beers crawlin' on rocks and ya state of self corrodes, it's like i told you before you can't walk through the profits without livin' the raw knockin' on doors sometimes i had to sleep on the floor with nothin but steady oxygen and spit flows for dinner we'd be burnin in the summer freezin in the winter we'd be rockin' the latest flip flops to avoid the wooden splinters from the depths of the grimy earth until i reach the heavenly borders from the depths of the grimy earth like four dogs without water and yo i peeped it from the get i saw them coming through peripheral lenses military action for my defenses take ya chances with these dogs and this fortified gate and if you think ya rhymes are phat you better gain some weight. CHAPTER TWO sleep in my wounds crawl through attend to the hives the dragons shall elude slave speak your foundations words that guide dwell within without water left of kin dry CHAPTER THREE inflammatory languages serpents from inside setting blind with no advantages the roots evolve into the wasted idle talk supposing dead selfish cursed is the womb that lies infested cracked bones inflicted secreting all the parts of thine search for purpose weighs aim the arrows at this heart of mine dehydrated left to die man of earth scheduled to expire smothered by desires CHAPTER FOUR where's my bretheren i hold you close to my heart more precious than gold friend i will build you up drink this breath of mine jars of clay without water quench the blaze drench CHAPTER FIVE (A) Coma's comin through with service and a smile reaction I told you on beyond reasonable The first song was faction at the time the death was comfortable left to die in a ditch at the time my breath was combustible so my scars would stitch slow bleed, reflections of black gloves on a fist unleash the hounds if they try to resist. CHAPTER FIVE (B) the heart reveals the man to himself the sharks shall conceal the vibrant man from himself still tempted by the palaces of the earth symptoms of a devil stones that cast a shadow spitting flesh with words black hole yearning the flesh still now burning appetite of the vermin shall persuade

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