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Versuri Three Times Again

CHAPTER ONE don't forget the pain your destination break the core of lies in half analyze this thought perception plead before the jury of my vine courteous generous the fragments that define witness synthetic man the dna master key man made tolerable excessiveness manufacturing the human product while the duplicates are paved is thy pallet satisfied? CHAPTER TWO False blood additives compatible snapping the vertebrae revolve around the points natural law brilliant forces of attraction celebrate CHAPTER THREE incriminating substances spew cattle pressed abrasions obligated to advancement inspected thoroughly oversized dependency the state of art engines are running most cunning crawling pig quench to saturate caressing to obliviate CHAPTER FOUR lyrics by Carley COMA CHAPTER FIVE do not surround yourself with an assembly of resented fools they will leave you plummeting to your death never ending recycled pool third world dissident my teeth are clenching terrorized in digital in a state of importance CHAPTER SIX intimidate discontinue the plagued convenience three times again slipping cyber health omnipresent CHAPTER SEVEN rescue evolvilist evaporate the deserts dry release the valves high pressure pure mentalist candidate that pacifies send this up to the glands one for you and me rising strong the unities conquering the corrosions CHAPTER EIGHT run from nothing run from nothing fast blinded by the critical the plots shall come to pass pull the grin down off choking you to death the fall of empires to come unleash the inanimated pest

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