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CHAPTER ONE through suffering my existence is made whole upward pure the strength of character is raised thorns that lead to a rose eradicate the fences improving from failures that weaken my defenses wake up and overcome inhale the life this blood of one dust of the earth can a man walk through the furnace without garments being burned? CHAPTER TWO deviate the senses spawned i see the calm rivers and i'm searching for dawn my perception overwhelming the herds spit them out drowning tides that perverse opposite from my reaction, the disasters absurd and the things of no form despise and the things of no form deprive early morning darkness splitting veins from the wrist who will be the farthest? separate the districts what? what's your state of mind? what's your state of life? what's your take on death? do you speak words of the masses? if so, your throat is bottomless CHAPTER THREE observe the turning points that threaten to respond defend seeds that struggle tom come into fruition unripened this inner being a consuming fire that spills from the mouth a foundation desired at one with the elements CHAPTER FOUR stable ground with no illusions streamline speech with no pollution appealing to the gestures altering the momentum with natural selection CHAPTER FIVE feasting on the blemishes congested kerosene acidic smile perfected pours phlegm induced pours down flow infected CHAPTER SEVEN lyrics by Carley COMA CHAPTER EIGHT running against the tides swell swallowed whole spewing the venom of snakes from their nostrils arms that fold detestable secret practices false doctrines that mold

Mp3 cuvintele album cantece asculta muzica descarca muzica straina. Melodia versuri Candiria versuri ultima melodie Channeling Elements piesa.

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