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CHAPTER ONE victim of atrocities my razor blade the oceans shall rise sky deep reach inevitable chaotic pace smoke stack pollutes digestion is the end of man upon us friend? if it is so wrath of mother earth upon us friend? thy soul shall crumble the cleansing process suffocate the infectants CHAPTER TWO lyrics by Carley COMA CHAPTER THREE organica i'll send my swollen dreams sunami thereafter i'll clean the still and fragile plate clean better fools than me i'll cut it off run it off set it off anticipating thieves CHAPTER FOUR (lyrics by Paul Thorstenson) dire wraths haunt this garden of never-smile volcanic magma spiteful lava spitting venom and bile my veins pump masochistic visions in some morse-code rescue transmissions confusion cutting circles in the crops and high plains raising cain, the king of pain as catastrophic reigns i drown the desert shout down the sky command the forces of nature to bow down before me and die

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