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Versuri Primary Obstacle

Suffer Arrogance Reasserts itself Bigilance Obstacles enhanced by way of imptence Shed thine Vociferous The subtle complex My most suppressed dread defects Compelled to taste side effects Genuine Enigma Fascinated by dogma Nostalgia Exorbitant Groomed yet patronized Constant bloodlines Obstacles of man thrive Images disturbed Full decline Assume the aggravation Contemplate the depth of mind Vibrant Deep Vulnerable to confusion The cold blood phase Hollow and exhausted Grim Downfall of mankind stings Weak False assurance Crumble stumbling We shall isolate Appalled featureless invalid Grimacing caricature shall pull its weight The company of hyenas identify The furious breath of thieves provide Humble impressions of genius Brethren of esteem crush the obsequious Ingrate promiscuous Indulge in the forbidden pleasures Of herbal bliss Full of promises Interplay of Angles stressed Most divine of the dementia Remains rigorous Spheres of catastrophe Coherently Descends exceedingly Oh translucently Portrait of a fool in misery Lost Observe the masses and do the opposite The rituals of the sedative Falsifying Lost all the will to achieve Notorious empire of demented eeds Graphic depictions Adversaries of the wolves The anticipation Shedding the sheep of its wool Slums Caressing Stone the hearts, flagrant callusing Ebullience absorbs Enthusiast

Piesa versurile piesa mp3 Candiria melodiei versuri mp3 versuri melodiei. Descarca melodia piesa muzica straina Primary Obstacle.

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