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We stand divided The cypher of the sick If you look you'll find it Amplification of the voice may segregate Trivia's spray Emphasize the rules and meditate Look away A barrage of multi-compressed hate Observe the most incompetent breed deceived pollinate the anger more than once You must conceive Frantic aggravation The hidden instinct must be retrieved Third eye retaliation Suffocate the leaders of the nations Disgraced The lips are laced Execute my limbs just to kick me in the face The mutant elements Area of descent Multiplied by mass of ten Smack the simpleton The jaw Will it descend Beware of snakes that you befriend Fend off the signs of adversity The urgent abnormal desire is Forever chasing me Bring the cloud of Greenpeace fantasies Mother of mine We rape your lungs Constantly Separate in views we can't combine The theory of our selfish philosophies Spreads Mother leave us for dead Procrastinate The blood of life instead Harness our wrists The tales of we, once pacifist Plead soldiers in devour Lopsided with belief Temples deprived Like withered flowers Stems of hypocrisy Disperse Redundant with the process Reverse up and down Backwards in excess Infinite struggle Of territory Liar...Liar...Liar Participate in penalties Pollutants in feast they now defend Tarnished with the most Criminal tendencies

Cuvintele Divided Candiria melodia muzica versuri muzica ultima melodie. Versuri muzica straina album cantece

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