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Versuri Constant Velocity Is As Natural As Being At Rest

CHAPTER ONE slip and fall through the cracks conceptual decay the shades of thought seem to systematically fall away no through the herds lost flock pieces of substance the keys that will unlock pauper lacking evidence no focus no feeling blind to the emptiness all dark inanimate heart the temperatures expanding a distant landscape caution while handling wildfires that devastate CHAPTER TWO shred the binds that grasp and choke they'll cut you down to size instinct will derail the razor throat break through break loose from the adversary combatant apathies downface CHAPTER THREE accumulated storms of concern conceal like pollutants that invoke cancer burns scars revealed scabbed cysts dungeons that fade arsenic an example of many things to come pessimist introducing destructive heresies flee from that state of mind seducing the unstable CHAPTER FOUR motivate the engines to inflate the true outcome condensation entrapped by the snares of speech reveling in the fantasies pig return to the mud swine derelict unrefined morphine state recline CHAPTER FIVE lusting after parasites gut filled criminals in disguise carousing of the entities skull tumor sealed with the lack of properties consumer i stand resisting claws on my back writhing from the inside i remain intact i follow things that cannot be seen by the open eyes bathing in your vomit while penalized CHAPTER SIX climates in vertical amputate the beast amputate your faults these produce fleas soul torn flesh produced these gravitate pitiful ravaged by the things that feed and cannot be denied burn dead lost wretch descarca mp3 versurile cantece descarca. Constant Velocity Is As Natural As Being At Rest Candiria versuri melodia muzica muzica straina cuvinte muzica album versuri.

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