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CHAPTER ONE where do you see yourself? answer this question are you residing amongst the introverts do your bowels swell? behind enemy lines? covert all this has been felt continued to complain outlining the frames converted into saturated spores this truth deranged is your faith restored? inaccurate more so than before CHAPTER TWO fertilize the ground that cultivates your assets symbols of excellence i will secure thyself against the caskets rest not the dwell within must grow persecution resolution disperse the clots withstand the blows endure the terrors it is a strength that can't be tamed the strength of things contained scold the vast offenses critical conditions defenseless the stomach growls discipline chosen food for my survival setting the first example ample overcome with the challenges of a contaminated vision CHAPTER THREE never the less always the more layers beneath swallow digest sprouting the roots that produce milk from the breast flow through the veins proteins vessel unseen thoughts becoming whether foul or clean a product of these perfect animations interactive residuals server the ties associates of the spiritually diseased whirlwinds of disaster CHAPTER FOUR qualities divine run from the walls that rip you down thieves that will lie and astound expressing obscurities profound respectable? violent policies divide the animals CHAPTER FIVE anticipation of the effects engrained widespread bleeding through the orifices epidemic concentrates rupture blister the plastering of the subordinates the mastering of the inordinates alternatives CHAPTER SIX the body can lead you astray from those you love passions smack them down structures that disrupt this half cannot be replaced these wide open embrace sweat in the eyes shut tight vandalized majesties that decline

Versuri cantece asculta muzica straina muzica muzica Contents Under Presseure versuri descarca. Candiria ultima melodie muzica.

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