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Versuri Under Burdens Of Life s Holocaust

[Overture] A veil of darkness rest upon my shoulder I reign and serve and obedient beholder Cause the shadows are my hearts domain and where I wander I have returned to the land of decase To walk the stony trial across the spectral fields And in wildrness of haunting pains Is where I slumber From the highest mountaim winds uplift me high Into the magic fountain the force within the light I covet every vision when I`m allowed to die Leave this earthly mission and enter fullmoon eye A true believer that death deliver A life deceiver in misanthrophy When life is the cross I have to bear A phantom soul is calling Enclosed within stone prison walls Deep in the heart of despair Sentenced to walk among the living In the face of the enemy As I drown in tormenting oppression Like a lonely candle burning I blaze as the darkness emerging And I yield for the art to bleed When the moon is drained by all its light And the stars they shine like serpent eyes I`m feeling deaths desire for me Baptised in esteem or arrogance Raping all virtue and sweet romance Bewitched by sins and lust Emancipate the deceiving earth Praise the sign in the sky for no new rebirth Under burdens of life`s holocaust

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