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Versuri The Ultimate Death Worship

O'Darkness my master and mentor. Witness the blood I shed. Victorious dreamlike death I enter. Floating the streams so red. Destruction is the jewel of the black heart. To treat life as nothing holy. Hatred is the diamond in blasphemous art. As death you kiss infernally. Stare into the face of the creation of pain. Electric storming through the brain. Blackout, drift away and you'll see. Night's divine anarchy. In death's eternal spell you'll be. Awake in lucid intervals from insanity. Bury the life deep down in the darkness. Extinction of lifeforce is a worship of death. Suicide is true cultivation of evil. As the phantom of the soul is obsessed. Ultimate Death Worship

Versuri piesa piesa piesa album melodia piesa ultima melodie. Muzica straina The Ultimate Death Worship Limbonic Art descarca melodiei versurile versuri cuvinte ultima melodie cuvintele.

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