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Versuri Through Gleams Of Death

The truth is hidden In the cold dark water In the drowning of procedure The flesh gets slaughtered Stripped from mortality Into gleams of death Torn from reality Into terminal death Death is eternal art From whom that coldness reigns in heart Stars of damnation Blaze in my sight I view the constellation Beyond the dazzling light From the dark aspectsof life And through gleams of death Till rise drift in departure Into a new dimension The black voyage Into mega therion The unseen passage Into oblivion Unconscious secrets Concealed by time and space No return of regrets Descent through shallow haze [Repeat chorus]

Melodiei melodiei cantece asculta Limbonic Art descarca descarca. Asculta Through Gleams Of Death melodiei asculta muzica muzica straina versuri melodia muzica cantece versuri melodia.

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