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Journey into your darkened secrets Feel the burning flame inside Admit the ecstacy of the extreme Just close the eyes and enjoy the override When we adrift through the sensual streams The enchanted pains are so divine There are thorns everywhere But along the path of ice rose blooms above Blood is the rose of mysterious unions The symbol of potency A taste of erotic sins of lust The entrance of immortality There are such sights to see Adventures and pleasures to feel The dormant seeds of suffering The art of mortal flesh that bleed Indulged in desire, the forbidden soul empire Path of ice The entrance to immortality Cold winds pierce through me As my darkstar unfolds I ascend the throne of fantasies Where the beautiful abyss recalls piesa muzica muzica cuvinte Path Of Ice cantece descarca. Album Limbonic Art versuri muzica straina cuvintele cantece versuri melodiei mp3 melodia asculta.

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