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Versuri The Dark Paranormal Calling

I cross dimensions unseen to ride on the axis of dreams As I drift on through the dark corridors of post mortem The only light in the darkness Is the flame that burns In my soul I intend to follow the eternal flame of my secrecy Emancipate the mortal world as minds redeem from the mortuary The only life in the darkness Is the force that yearns In my soul The black funeral uniform Gives me powers I'm catching without warning The dark paranormal calling A putrefied shadow that In purgatory dwell Imprisoned by the cold anxious pits of hell A serpent in my soul In midnight's aura as A ghostly fire The child prodigy Of abysmal desire As the deathlike silence pervades The incubus now invades Show yourself unclean spirit Tonight I give thy shadow life Rise with me in darkest blessing Thine demon force I feel possessing A holotropic mind and spectral eyes divine Through the shallow haze As sky turns red

Ultima melodie descarca asculta melodia versuri versuri piesa album. Limbonic Art muzica straina ultima melodie The Dark Paranormal Calling melodia

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