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Versuri Darkzone Martyrium

Dominus Spiritus Sathanas, Dominus Virtus Dominus Spiritus Virtus Sathanas Cruel are the eyes of the tyrant And his heart is abounded to pain In pleasures of agony and torture As he begs to bleed in vain I perish in my own desire I burn within lusting hate Destructively the minds inspire The soul to terminate I ride the ancient overture As life is torn astray I glance the illusive spectrum And all high that fades away Black energies in the twilight space Comes shieving through the shallow haze Into darkness so impure divine A bloodshed emotion to evil wine Darkzone martyrium, endless vast mystrium Give to me the blessing, when I meet my destiny Ruin is all there is to feel, and thecold reality of steel Life slips through your fingers

Muzica straina melodia cuvinte asculta versuri versuri melodiei ultima melodie album. Muzica Darkzone Martyrium album mp3 cuvintele asculta Limbonic Art.

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