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Versuri Beneath The Burial Surface

The sky is darkeningm soon the night befall Righteously angels are weeping for my soul All childhood dreams are soon to be lost All innocence to be shattered I am the fallen, from grace Water from a thousand tears floats in streams The feeling from a thousand years flow over me As I once again return to the cemetery gale I hear the dismal call from the hollow grave My face is a river See my eyes as they drown in black My sacred doom and nemesis Beneath the burial surface To the final act of the immortal sin I am lead by burial winds The life I leave to exchange with death As the charlatan breeds with a dragons breath Crossing the path to the world below In a deathlike silence I chamber my soul Ancient black, silent gloom Cathedral bells are calling doom In velvet dreams I am touched by sin As night arrives in its purple shades I drift across the shallow graves The soul is streaming in the wind Dark is the blessing that I am in As darkness falls and the cold silence reigns The nocturnal void shall become my faith Till transcend unto where shadows dance A gentle kiss and like a bird Till fly Into the spheres of demise Desireously in dark romance

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