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In the shadows of the world's ambitions I see life and death, in an enormous collision Light destroys, what dark creates Forever floating, the dark rivers of the heart. Lifeless drifting, in an orbital decay. A vicious circle of extinction The soul reaches the state oblivion In blackness of sorrow, the sin is immortal. The diamond of the heart, is pure nocturnal. In the deep pitch black halls of darkness. The cruel high-council of evil, demands self destruction. All the aspects of love, must be undone. Only then one can feel, the emptiness, As the cold heart reaches beyond. Tyrant in soul and flesh, pain is the unholy mistress. Rites in earthly death, for darkness you confess. Follow the voices of the night, in endless sleep you'll hide from light. Dark was the day you were born, even darker on that eve you were torn. (From life) Die in martyrium, for darkness endless mysterium. Die in silent spasms of screaming. Life is infected by no meaning.

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