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Versuri The Black Hearts Nirvana

Hallowed be the darkness that coronates my soul Deep within its shelter I seek my highest goals I shall release what is conquered From which that I now posses All lifeforce is abandoned Into the arms of death Beyond the great dark adventures In streams from the vast mysteries Limbonic spheres enclose me My star is the death of memories I dwell in a mournful symphony As I prepare for the cosmic funeral The body yearns for dormancy My spirit awaits to be set free The black vanity I'm romancing Within the obscurity I've found my rest where cold emotions reign And evil dreams of desultory Through lifetime I've reached for the candle In search for the legends of time Cause how many moments is'nt a century When everything dies behind the eyes Cause how many moments is'nt a century When everything inside just dies

Cantece The Black Hearts Nirvana piesa album asculta. Versuri versuri cuvintele cuvintele ultima melodie ultima melodie Limbonic Art versurile versurile melodia cuvinte muzica straina.

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