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I'm launching into The abysmaluniverse Disembodied I enter The cosmic cataclysm I discover stairways To celestial dreamscapes A dark unknown conjunction within in immoral dimension Locus reconditus occulta tenebrarum As all the worlds collide And the heavenly sky divide I live only to see the Last star descend From above as the Mortal journey end The genesis of the Dynasty of death Through dark tunnels In levitation Black cosmic space In manifestation I escape the earthly pandemonium Into a vast nocturnal sanctum A nemesis for all evil I confess My soul bleeds by all the forces I possess A benediction of unholy Wrath and sorrow My heart is buried in dark Catacombs of horror Sucked into that hole That deep black hole Not for a thousand years Will I manage to crawl Out of this darkness All the vibes are insane In the wilderness of pain Dungeon darkness In violent fire Transfix the soul With hell's desire Where myriad's of lives Are laid in ruins Dormant in the ashes of All terrestrial dreams The dynasty of death In the dark caves of oblivion Bad blood rises from The Mega Therion From vast stalactite halls So undivine Through the misty Corridors of time As one live one shall die Ad noctum

Melodia piesa Dynasty Of Death versuri versuri melodia ultima melodie. Cuvintele muzica descarca descarca Limbonic Art muzica straina.

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