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It's an age of nightmares and dreams While we are barely children of the age Floating on waves of cold etherial streams A tributary to the symphony of decay On a place beside the neverending line of time I hear deathtones flow, emerge with ancient time Black antique chambers and ghastly mysteries Imprisons our mind and soul through centuries We have existed since the dawn of the world And until the last star fall from heaven We focus on the darkness that shall become When the earth bleeds by the seven Deadly sins beyond forgiveness Beneath the lamb shall hide the serpent We all follow a revelation plan Into the eternal wasteland When the earth is swallowed by vulcannic fire That's when we rise When all the seas are filled with hatred's desire That's when we rise In phantasmagorial dreams In the headstones shadow crawling in my knees Remembering the gallow then all vanished like a dream A wide open grave, dark naked soul The soul is now chained, as in evil I boil

Melodiei descarca cuvintele muzica melodiei Phantasmagorial Dreams versuri versuri cuvinte muzica straina cuvintele. Mp3 asculta Limbonic Art.

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