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Versuri Moon In The Scropio

A mirror blank ocean above me decoy Superior forces that head or destroy Take me astray into the moonlight above Through twilight eyes as a spectre shadow It is a time of great light And a great darkness Can't you feel the present Of its phenomenon In an atmosphere supreme Forces dwells in domancy The essence of its spirit is evil As a curse upon thy name Midnight is the shepherd of mystrious powers And moving shadows in the corner of the eye Moon's blazing intuition Contains what death require Cleanse the doors of perception See things appear in its true art The cold hands of divinity Will tear thy soul apart Behold the sky above when the moon is in the Scorpio A cold bleak light

Album cuvinte album versuri piesa cuvinte. Piesa Limbonic Art muzica straina muzica mp3 Moon In The Scropio versurile versuri piesa cuvintele ultima melodie.

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