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For security reasons I am broadcasting tonight from an undisclosed location; because the subject of tonight's American expose is terrorism. (Killarmy in this motherfucker) Intro/Chorus: Yo, Killarmy, we the last armaggedeon Prepare yourself now for the six man wettin In the streets, or in the sand war is on Now aside nigga here comes the pride Verse One: You can't persuade this brigade Killarmy renegade on this crusade lyrical murder is sure to be my trade Drill more heat than Black Suede, I'm the sun beamin on your dome when the shade is nowhere to be found All you hear is the unreknowned sound that makes your eardrum pound, you can't avoid it It been exploited in your district The ballistics are statistics fuck the critics They criticize while I revise my enterprise Do the knowledge and you'll be surprised ?Generalize and currency alive? while strong soldiers build with boulders Forts and barriers, my brain pattern hold weight like a freight Sharp like ice skates, blows this track like a cellmate Then motivate, now I'm out of state, usin my Papermate to penetrate, through open minds that take the time to listen to The Crimson Tide that I provide, I dedicate my life to my poetry, if it's meant to be then let it be It's only right I'm out for the night, my life's a legacy Verse Two: Yo, it's like I remember slapboxin now we clap shots to catch props From knockin rocks on the block ?to chop the fat priced and jock? I see the Jakes and motivate cause half my team be holdin weight We march across the Golden Gate Bridge My mind is in the solider state Forever real, troops'll never squeal, so my Beretta's peel leisurely, and penetrate your mental shield, easily I'm pleased to be, the man hundred grand, the tan Lands Now my Clan's doin tours in Japan and San Fran-cisco liver than disco packin nickel plated pistols and keep my block hot like burnin Crisco Wu-Renegades, deadly switchblades Chorus 2X Verse Three: Check it out, yo, yo Renegades are slayed in steel cage, that wave war blades at United Snakes parade, the unforgiven law no mercy Build controversy, then perform surgery Killarmy, we meet at a ninety degree angle Universal star angels, we form the tip of a triangle like Egyptians did, I perform inside pyramids Wu-Tang, a scientist, label me the last lyricist for today's Genesis, surrender Take you on an adventure like they had kidnapped seven ninjas Supreme marine I move in submarines Anti-murderer, stage burgaler Rugged rhyme ?asserter-er, with the righteous crutches? Lyrical ruckus, build to destruction, Destructicons Best to kill or camouflage, Desert Storm On the battle before I lost a arm Held on to my sword took both hands like Voltron Like the master who's imperial, king of the scenario To all my universal soldiers, salute the general Verse Four: I come armed with explosive chemicals just dream me in physical Killarmy individuals the concept of principles that are highly indispensible My name is Born God Allah, King of North America On a ship I was stripped of my knowledge and wits Death to all enemies, by your own fuckin penalties Off with your dome I roam through your war zone with a platoon full of soldiers with dust bones Ain't nuttin but the army shit, one minute til we all hit Tie you up with your barracks With heat-seeking lyrics and my ?royal friends from the tribe of Indians? I break down your physical change it to a chemical you cats are made of wickedness, the black man be original Chorus 2X Let it vibe, homicide, suicide

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