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Intro: Shogun Assasson Cause, we unite to fight For one commom cause Is you down for the cause? Or you down just because? Verse One: Shogun Assasson By dawns or the light We unite and fight One common cause, to inforce Allah's laws Bombs burst in the air, light up the night like stars As a rocket flare, I prepare for warfare Destroying all the devil's ideas, while cowards run in fear Thre's no retreating, no surrender No victory, no peace, till the enemy is deceased And the beast, cease to exist, from being devilish Running from amongst us, only in God do I trust So I bust to leaving bodies lying in the dust Soldiers dying in their own iniquity, And hell is the penalty Kung Fu sample: I wanna join you; I'll show youwhat I've learned Please be frank and use your judgement [9th Prince] Yeah, yo, yo yo Revenge of the fallen patriot enemies die, I civilized with hatred The Undertaker, rugged like a Trailblazer Lost crusader, a vador for a lifesaver Niggas is computer mind truth Trained to kill Lyrical swords and battle for navy seals Death team motions are calm like the ocean 9th Prince Golden Child Was Chosen was the warrior slogan Back to the future my father was killed by Lucifer Now I'm here to avenge his death Call me the Shaolin Executioner I execute dig into the brain and split the main vein Mow ya bloodline is short circuit What is teh verdict on those who got murdered I researched it, now I'm allergic He was killed by the lyrical surgic Verbal villian, I heal myself with herbal healing Then step out the blue mountain on the mission of a killing *more Kung Fu samples*

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