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Intro: Killa Sin, P.R. Terrrorist Yeah, yeah, one, two, check it out, yo 5 stages of consciousness right here You got your conscious, yeah know I'mean, word up You got your sub-conscious You got your super-conscious You got your magnetic-conscious *Various talk by both* [Killa Sin] Yo, I forever stay ready dunn, money run gun under the pelly, kind of heavy Pretty pearl, tickle my belly, but steady by the waist-line Thirsty to dump but thought twice before I took time to waist None un-mine in his swine, I let him live now hop he relizes what he did Perhaps you've got a child on the line and I got time for no pen See battle up to warn the squad, already bars on my crib With their guns drawn, seekin Killa Sin who done slid Many moons ago, across town whereabouts Unknown heights blaring loud out, you, me like who gives a fuck I puff a bone, a usual suspect, i'll never be Allah sees everything, bad boy silence is the key to longevity So, take this advice, while I reiterate the thought to take your life And I will [P.R. Terrrorist] Magazines recovered at homocide scenes, living of rhyming schemes Always had dreams to be discovered and meanwhile had to blow trial Not put in foul like the rest of them, seventeen with blade infected guns Had to watch my back when I shit and piss, niggaz busting nuts at CEO's Leaving maternals frisked, faces derenched, buck 50 smile Your face get lifted and then you shift into another facility Same shit, back in the world, I stand strong and watch the weak curl >From the pressure of everyday life, career endeavor The knowledge, sylabbles and my name is straight terror Killarmy running through your whole fucking era With five stages of consciousness, we swiftly change like the weather And control forecast, rough traffic, off the pad, alive in the act Your stuck to subjects just like math, ram you off in the first half This quarter wont last, your leaning on the trigger, guns blast Blaow, super-conscious leaves this track smashed [Beretta 9] Harpoons for hard times, kid, going through this difficult stage You gotta maintain, cope with the stress and pain Still in seek of the shelter that blocks out the rain A thirty down in the flesh, my mental pretains Took to much time to explain The duty of a wise man, to the minds, some will blame With this physical, mental, will and emotion The aquizations to control my infinite devotions Which is to seek the onslaught, cause we express thoughts To the seeds the wrong foods, that made them with their knots My dude is to civilize and penalize Throats were cutting them, they must of got stregthalized I take it upon myself to reveal the disguise You fucking snake, I tie you to the graphite, tight If now to live, you would begin to strike I waste no time now searching for a mystery With every twenty five thousand, we renew our history We be the gods, the asiatic black men, and not reacting We actually run this shit and defend *martial art sample* [Islord] Aiyyo, three years trapped in the belly of the beast Got me on some, fuck the large, fuck the fed coats Fuck the judges, cause they dont give two shits about us Black man, woman and child, how were living over here Trapped in the worst part, when things like this happen on the regular Innocent bystanders get trapped off on the streets of my stomping grounds With constant war pops off, wine bottles on the regular Like clock work to be specific [9th Prince] The general wise out in fatigues, mentally for life I bleed And promised to feed the deceased, was the supreme general in the army Little intelligent little bug, roll with thugs that sold drugs to survive Civilized the eighty-five and saved many lives But these water head niggaz dealt with the four devils Ceased the rebel and broke the god down physically down to another level Madman at his weight, the great general pass the weight With a smile on his face, I swear if you was hear These pussy niggaz get tourtured, while I stick hooks up their noses And cut of their ears, even their family memeber swill have to pay Brothers, mothers, sisters and fathers get manslaughtered the right way We're not dealing with feelings, I spare the children Weak niggaz get destroyed, Four niggaz is building Revenge the general, thats what I quote and tape up grenades to your head And watch your brains explode [Shogun Assasson] Yo, yo, I sling horse slang like coccaine Rebel dope that numbs your brain Like a shot of novacainne In your death you will feel no pain I should teach you with my sword And the clip was poisonous Snakes speak lies and their words is venomous Wu hits come continousCause I don't give a fuck about '97 Ain't feelin this See what I'm revealin is the truth In actual fact be the proof The youth be the proof And the elders be the roots I stand solid, under firment This black man be the garment intelligent These be the word's for my testament Writen documents of the thought That makes me give props and sell tapes like catacrops Mother fuckers

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