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Intro: Beretta 9 & Killa Sin Yo. Smell that gun powder in the air? Yo. I smell it, kid. Shit is like this everyday when I wake up. We do this shit all time, kid. It's a war zone. It ain't nothing new over here. Word up. You know? Killarmy time. Military thing. Shaolin thing. It's Born, build nigga. Gotta civilize. Yo. Check it out. Yo. Yo. Chorus: Beretta 9 Where I rest at niggaz scheme at plot Sling rocks, stars, cops over on our block and get fought Bust a shot and get shot, smoke pot, get locked Do a bid, while some taught to resurface to the street Some don't last, won't weep Where I rest at keep a vest and a gat at least three ways back So, the flash can't track, where I rest at do the one to time Double dirty crossed sneeky snake fucks, where I rest at [Killa Sin] Kid, but where I rest at the crime wave be jumping off Like suicide, commitors on a busy highway with they clothes off The fire trucks, trust, bull swine, blow your draws off The nine year olds toying with his sword off He can hardly tie his nikes up right, so how the fuck you blow his toes off >From modernized, so are common, coarsed, where I rest at Steping out the front doors is set back The warzone, the death trap, waiting to consume those who get trapped Shaolin, the villianous island filled with hidden pure-breds Killing niggaz who thrive on the forbidden rituals Or getting you in the drop, fuck sticking moves The pick you almost mentally popped like Scotty Pippen Most niggaz fame is almost chain gangs in state prisons Wu-Tang reign this worldwide cave for dirty richmen (Chorus) [Shogun Assasson] Yo, yo, I dwell in the slum, roll amongst the bums Like ?hai-shews?, while ignorant brothers strive to get jewels Hustling rocks on the blocks and get caught be crooked cops A ?haitian mamila?, you might get a way if you got enough stamina And escape death valley, filled with crack alleys ?Crock? these bricks and boulders at niggaz who think they real-live soldiers I make my money from here to ?edo?, seventh street Where the crackheads meet and walk on the block like cops on the beat Too many heads draw heat, so I keep it short and sweet, stay on my feet Cuz niggaz'll step on your toes, and I peeped you strategy To change your name to jealousy, your man's name is envy That's why your mad at me, cuz I start tackling shit And lock down the whole strip, and you won't make shit Cuz I got that white-white and my shit sells all night I got what the fiends like, it was meer black in the back off his pants Plotting on these savage cats, how to make them run all they scratch And stick them for all they gats, don't ever cross me I'm precise the ?heed?, and it be on where I rest at (Chorus) [Beretta 9] Where I rest at...

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