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Take em to war son (Yeah) Yo wassup dog? Seven commandments, knahmean? Yo son, with the seven commandments Chorus: (6x) Yo I'm about the army shit, the raw shit The military war hits with gun clips [Shogun Assasson] Yo, my battleground's where I lounge Fightin wars from dusk til dawn In the trenches of hell There's more blood spilled than Hamburger Hill The planet Earth is the battlefield Enemy troops can't come face to face with death Black mission caught for cold steel The last art drill when I open fire Better aim to kill As the destruction that I reveal like revelations Drop Jews like parables that can't be seen with the eye like constellations You're lost in the nation with no mental vision Unseen strikes your vital like precision I'm camouflged in the large with ammunition [9th Prince] I'm in deep meditation like the great Indian monk Dowmo Lyrical desperados thrown like a torpedo from black masks like Zorro I froze all the scriptures and literature of killers Riddlers and Hitlers Sick photographers who paint bloody pictures Wu-Tang is the foundation, we movin populations And you can not stand then control the minds of Asians Candy cat raps gets your tongue cut off and run through his back Sabotage savages got stabbed as I watched blood drip from their fabrics Madman ran up in the church and stuck the reverend Stabbed him with a cross, some say he was stuck by the seven The seven commandments Metric equivalents Meaning many niggas died for pleasures [Dom PaChino] I wagin guerilla warfare, supply the yellow jackets Each one containin a mini sovereign homing missile Fittin your sides ragged Puerto Rican terrorist from the Middle East refusin the mark of the beast Increase your energy by one bar while I unleash Thoughts that remain on your brain like scars for life Made possible by the mic device I slice wieldin a sharp instrument Sharpened in the temple of pyramids Used to drill a hole through the minds of the ignorant It's my assignment burn up the climate usin rays from the sun Dom PaChino madman assassinatin tracks with Shogun [Street Life] Yo bring it on, I deal with this like my first born My brain form blow MCs away like Desert Storm 21st century crime for you being born US currency got me itchin my palms P.L.O. killer tactics like I support a fact Dead back was the feedback, Park Hill's badass I deal with this shit like it's my last So to speak what you say son go have a blast I'm livin for the city, I burn as the world turn First degree poetry Hold your headpiece, when I release I clear the streets Killarmy passed the heat so I'ma dead the piece P.L.O. is the Street Life out in the streets [Beretta 9] Mentally I be ready, pass the machette My thoughts travel fast like Mario Andretti Racin through this hellhole or ghetto through the poverty It's all about survival so I can risk the robbery Goin through the struggle, trials and execution This is my solution to this revolution Pay close attention, lyrical precision My mind be my war guide, observe, learn and listen Knowledge before your wisdom unleashed for the children '96 be buildin the stat or be killed in

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