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We gon do it like this, do it like this, word Check it out yo, yo, yo Chorus: (2x) Through difficult times it's hard to maintain Lookin for the shelter that blocks out the rain Stress and pain could leave a mark on the brain But one thing's for sure black God remains [Beretta 9] Through difficult times lots of unexpected My pops disapproves cause I wanna make records But check it, my home life for second, I feel neglected I bounce the first chance I get, I stop to think a second I wreck it, damn I'm gonna need a place to sleep No major CREAM I call up the God Supreme I analyse, I'm plannin up a strategy Fuck a fantasy I'm dealin with reality Mentality that's wilder than the average cat I snatch a CREAM and sell a nigga's candlewax I hit the tracks, I hold cycle with my brothers All is understood, peace lies amongst each other But meanwhile, I maintain to keep the same I smoke a bone every now and then to ease the pain But through the struggle I know that only God remains Chorus (2x) [Shogun Assasson] The streets is bugged Seein young soldiers pedal drugs by the pound The scheme is to catch CREAM at a fast rate Start movin the product from state to state Lay up and watch the profits inflate Now you're a big time hustler, full time heavyweight contender But you must remember That your thoughts must be cold just like December Stay low key so you won't catch a case Throws comin in from the fiends who smoke base Madman clientele, see your apartment start to swell The last thing on your mind is a jail cell You're blind, all you see is money Lost in the illusion of luxury It's a shame, you're in the game for the fame and the name So spin the wheel of misfortune I heard with the sling that escorts ya Now your life is in jeopardy Because you the brothers that's livin in the army Chorus (2x) Keep calm and don't expose and weak points We'll all line up and fight together I say, we must all stay together as a single unit *continues on beginning of next track*

Melodia melodia Shelter melodiei album versurile asculta muzica straina piesa. Versuri muzica cuvintele cuvintele melodia versuri Killarmy versurile descarca.

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