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Killa Arm 9-8 this L.P.'s a banga yeah [Chorus] Yo, Killarmy in ya Galaxy in ya continent in ya state in ya city take'em to war throw ya grenade this shit is gritty rollin' tanks, carry shanks while ya'll niggaz shoot blanks livin' gun powder roll black down dealin' wit ranks Yo, Killarmy in ya Galaxy in ya continent in ya state in ya city take'em to war throw ya grenade this shit is gritty [Verse 1] Yo, What's the sign's on ya crab ass niggaz out here in this rap shit turning this shit into some fuckin' after shit step into my chamber I hang ya like a stranger out tah dry with the mic cord rapped around your neck like 2 times design to leave you breathless to the pointt where you past out flat lined simple mined ass cats get ya fingers snap back outta place (what) and dislocated reaching for that mic device kid I'm Nice [Verse 2] Yo, We never timid break the street limit state laws and glass jars and fake malls, burst pause we take jobs wiseguys who want a prize guy we snatch mics bitch right turn out the light mathamatics strikes a site make me pull my fist tight we wild every night bump shoulders clubs over night crips start to fight wnet to Santalaw pulled out the dialog bashed his dome with the smearin' off now he scramin' off razor sharp face off killarmy cut, pushin' through like what always housted up double edge leave you with a buck fifty three nigga [Chorus] [Verse 3] Terrorist arch nemesis this is my testament eternal life is through the mind the 1st element the 1st to settle it the 1st to pull the medal the 1st to defeat the devil the 1st to take it to that level feel the valume ajust the levels enjoy the treble, the 1st and last rebel crush a stone into a pebble they be trackin' holy water baptise my rhyme is sort of ice mentora mental explorer my guardly aura star bright light up your life like night light heard you wanna fight return ya ass twice mental and physycal [Verse 4] Yo, the last star fighter Princelton soldier northern exposer built with Noah easy adtic aposer mic feel the black thrower to retrieve renagade anroid seek and destroy any man ??? paranoid ??? time zone at 1751 we bury a 100 course of rome prince of dogs is cloned lyrical arthritus contain this to the bone my rhyme battle star galactica terrorist star detector scarfaces are mass discourage weak lyricist are perish I ??? courage physical fight ??? package razor blazes so sharp to slice ya eyelashes rap is gossip while I speak gospel like teachers crisis with the apstols the mind and matter people to the science smother Mc with a pillow livin' dying science [Chorus 1.5X]

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