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Yeah, yeah Master of all self-hate Shaolin cipher heat, niggas For my militant soldiers Yeah, check it out Yo, yo As night falls the commando's teams seize the palace Fiercely assault commands the volts Explode in the air like lightning bolts We rippin' out your spleen At battlegrounds like the dense jungles of Phillipines Drunk monk sip O.E. out the canteen Men at war with guillotines So far we all (?) Japanese Troops not waiting All you hear is bullets penetrating Deep like the assassination that almost killed Reagan War troops in army suits with spiked boots Lyric proof brutes Camouflage the haunted igloo Eskimo commando Dressed to kill in camo Black Rambo I civilize for ammo Bulletproof parachutes We motorate helicopters with green bags of loot Bloodthirst heroes After Vietnam he made the wheelchair No fear Warfare at its highest (?-mixed with Beretta 9's first line) Yo, yo I snatch up defeated troops in desert Tim boots Camouflage like the sands I locate in Iran For war be the issue Elite crews and God jewels Snipers on the rooftop watch out for the Pitbulls Waited 'til sunsets and moving like ninjas Camouflage masked avengers Y'all niggas best surrender We servicing your weapons we be the Armageddon Killarmy bring on board this military acquisition Your crew will take position on the seven seas mission Beretta 9 be wild like (?-mixed with 9th Prince's first line) Yo, 5 Star General giving killing orders Militant assassins surround the headquarters Let's go to war with break beats My battleground is in the streets Shogun Samurai assassin the professional spectacle Mental terrorist Plant a time bomb in your ear And hold your brain for hostage Killarmy equipped with detonating swords Captivate the crowd leave 'em praising the Lord In the Asiatic War we chop heads off Like General Monk and his swordsmen The reason is burning season My brothers is guilty of high treason So I decapitate them As they lay motionless bleeding on the canvas I put away my weapon which is stainless Yo, it's the 5 Star General 5 Star Generals, word up Here's the non-carnivorous Lyricist rhyming protagonist absorbing thoughts through my elements Rip out your pancreas Try to exit and get caught like a venereal disease Niggas freeze before I sueeze It's impossible to run when I'm done Dom Pachino the son saving my universe now Awaiting trial Unidentified profile Got you sewn like a textile Lyrical navigator exploring different worlds Mixelplick (?) style Equipped with a vest Killarmy vigilantes got MC's marked for death Evil targets Taking their lives like Grand Auto Theft Then motivate like Dr. David Banner Moving in bulletproof air crews with CB scanners I channel My life can never be a manual Unpredicatable historical like a Greek oracle Words pronunciated plural And shot through my (?-over Masta Killa's first line) Scinece is the study of all things Knowledge their sword swing Guns go off in the east wing It's a blessing to deliver this lesson Who's resting You've been summons to awaken A nation of sleeping giants who are clients to the devil civilization Migration expands my plan to the maximum capacity Nothing can hold me from launching out over the Earth then disperse Ritual darkness niggas return Unscathed and at ease and as you were But the thought of not being able to breathe and leave these worldly possessions Have MC's fret to step in my direction Word up, militant assassins

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