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Wake the fuck up (12X) Chorus: Yo wake the fuck up or get broke the fuck up The wisdom we apply Son soak this shit up If it was sess Son niggaz would smoke this shit up So wake the fuck up or get broke the fuck up Verse One: Madman Yo yo yo we are street soldiers of the dark side of the planet I kill killing orders like a lieutenant Hit the planet Earth then explode like a human cannon The universal author, born to kill saga Givin niggaz head trauma Bulletproof shield is made of gold armor Brain surgeon is aversions my purgin mind urban Scientists found killed and wrapped up in curtains Casualties, flashbacks, now simply that I attack like a rat, serious as a heart attack Professional assassinator professor Assassinate your mindstate and broke the metal plate Lyrical Nostradamus, psychotic mind of Sadaam Ex-con, attack the Pentagon with unorthodox firearm from Vietnam I crucify em, like Muslims murdering jews from Jerusalem Now who's the supreme lyricist? You can't seize this When I die, my name'll be worshipped like Jesus War visual individual incriminate the criminal My culture nickel put holes in your face like dimples Chorus Verse Two: Hell Razah Brains get unfrozen when they oppose, as we unfold Futuristic scrolls that was prophesized scriptures Hitting an untold, I roll with my skull and bones made of solid gold, skin is closing up Approach your home, with a war, Armaggedeon in my home Wisdom mind ruler mental intruder From the tribe of Judah Devils dissapear like they went through the Bermuda, triangle, erupting on Ryzarector tracks like volcanoes, so God swear to me I appear two years sample revolution in the burning cup Constitution, learned too much, came off must return Observe the facts, delivered by, blacks Soon as we unite the sky cracked A group of UFO's formed a seven in the heavens God celebrate devils death day signal Jail let loose the criminals, bystanders died Waiting for miracles we giving you Chorus: 1/4 Verse Three: Killa Sin Yo, I make your heart thump like tree stumps be crackin concrete chumps released once the Earth shifts, vocal points clips he wrote and missed Killer vocalist, load his fist blessed with loaded gifts Golden clips, shotty slipped like psychotic hits in soldier flicks, who wrote the shit superior Mines combine the modus click Enterprise like German spies, keep my eyes on Soviets Stay Russian my direction I'm wettin like a leaf bone Freak poems, seek thrones, to call home where freaks bone To each his own, chrome zones, be cloned like chromosomes So the chrome, the golden toned champ whip rollin bones fire's on, blazin hot trails at night, barren ville Shotty still collaborating on tracks with Bobby Steels Generate a mil, Killa Bee law, kill or be killed Know the ledge, finally, our justice has revealed Chorus Verse Four: Prodigal Sun The 43rd conviction, incarcerated in hell for eternity But my mentality and chemistry made me celestial through the galaxy Sparks friction, generating through evaporation Slay through meditation, your body is now liquidation Even your hemoglobin is swollen with corrosion Amputated and rated physical zone disintegrated That's what niggaz face when fuckin with the Sunz of Man Go to the dungeon I could lead a hundred men, with a golden pen Forced to intercept with the click from Shaolin Killin devils, scatter they ashes over the sea of Mediterranean That's my trademark, PS burned in my victims heart I be the Star from afar illuminating through the dark Another burning face of death The intiation of the Mason, 186 my name's left in the Book of Revelation Reminescing about the days, raising hell Representative of a mind, able to lead a city what technicality of mankind Mistake trying to keep me behind the closed doors of reality All three eyes to the revolution can now escape the blind state of confusion Trials and tribulations of the original nation Leaves a headache, the only chance of elevation Unite with the black coalition Sunz of Man, population click, Wu-Tang Clan First the Killarmy, eat your skeletons, buried in the Promised Land You better wake the fuck up! That's word life! Don't sleep! We don't be having that shit no more! Word is bond this is as real as it's going to get Wake the fuck up (4X) Killarmy, Wu-Tang Clan Word word, Shaolin Wake the fuck up Get the actual facts Better fuckin resurrect Chorus

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