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Versuri The Crow And The Warrior

Once in the silence of the woods In the shadows of a crescent moon The eyes scan the beautiful nocturne The ears enjoy silent songs i have seen things and heard talks Thy eyes are blind and ears deaf to Words carried in the nightly breeze Images in the autumnal grass Once in the silence of the woods Under the spiral of oaken branches Breathing slowly, heart pounding weakly Shadows floating towards his eyes I have heard thee come since the moon was full The owls knew what thou knew not Oh thee children, thee almighty creatures Ignorant are thee of thy width of knowledge Under question should thou place thy concepts Of Ubermensch and Untermensch For man has never, and will never even be positioned Hath the words of the crow Vanished with the echo into the night Descended dark shadows And covered the eyes No sorrow felt the old crow The secrets he revealed would remain as such

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