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Versuri When Ancient Spirits Battled

The battle of the giants was raging The Earth tried to free from the Ice Who had taken her to his deadly embrace And shunned her from all light The Sun rose and set a million times In the southern horizon Before he felt pity for the Earth Decided to save his beloved one The warm rays of the Sun laid upon the Earth Ice began to melt - waters flow So withdrew the Ice northwards to a land Where aurora borealis glow In time were water dried Still was the Earth desolate No life, no growth but one tree Suffering of Ice's winds' hate Of the seeds of this lonely tree Grew a forest and another and another The landscape changed to blue and green Lakes and forests became brothers Although winters were cold The land survived and filled with life Wolves and bears wandered in woods Not threatened by spear or knife At a dawn on a hillside climbed a two-legged creature Wrapped in a hide and carrying a sharpened bone He watched the land and its beauty This was going to be his home... asculta cantece Darkwoods My Betrothed ultima melodie. Versuri piesa asculta album muzica versuri piesa When Ancient Spirits Battled asculta album muzica straina.

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