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[Part One: THE PREACHER CAME TO TOWN] A peaceful town down by the lake A cradle of goodness and righteousness it was said Quite prosperous one might add Rye fields, cattle, and the riches of the lake Fallacious was their dormancy of shelter Blindfolded had they themselves with the shadow of the cross This dormancy lasted until a dusk in August A preacher came, handsome enough to wet any lady He was greeted with warmth and friendliness Though a bit of jealousy showed on the looks of the men Nobody wondered why he spoke no words of god And his eyes were glued to women's bodies Nobody simply paid any attention to it Especially the women enchanted by his attractiveness Until one day the paint on the church walls began to crumble The crop festered and the cattle began to die The wives disappeared just before midnight Only return before the first rays of sunrise It began to show at the end of the month The crop and the cattle dead, ground frozen, famine awaited Vanished was the atmosphere of honesty and good will People became wary of each other for anybody could have Evoked this curse upon them [Part Two: BURN, WITCHES, BURN] He must be the root of all this misery The ladies, whores, a Satan's tool to send us to eternity Ring, brothers, ring the bells and bring the torches Let us tie them up to the stake - burn, witches, burn Finally the men of the town could point the guilt to someone Of course it had to be the stranger Following their wives at night they had found the orgies Rituals to bring forth the powers of Hell How could you our beloved wives Grant your bodies to be used to do evil On him we know no mercy, nor can we give you any Follow us to the hills - burn, witches, burn First they surrounded the guest house where the preacher Was sleeping off the exertions of the night A cross-shaped pole they drove through his black heart Sending him to join his master in the pits of Hell The few women still considered faithful Were told to stay at home While the others were being marched to the hills These women gathered... The guilty women of the town were taken to the hills Where huge bonfires were standing Tied up to the stakes they were - naked to face the god In tears they cried: We were possessed! In the name of the holy trinity Be purified by these flames We pray for your souls on your way to damnation For all the evil you have done - burn, witches, burn [Part Three: WITCH HUNTERS] Twenty years had passed, happiness fad come back Only the painful memories were acting as reminders There was a new phenomenon that made rumours spread Something was going on in the deep dark woods A cult curtained in secrecy...or evil spirits of the night? The nature of these mysterious creatures...and their origin were unknown A cult of witch hunters The offspring of the preacher and his whores In the jet-black night of Samhain The peace and happiness were broken The demonic hordes from the woods Stormed through the town setting it ablaze We have come to avenge the death of our mothers Now you can also get a taste of the Inferno The witch hunters marched into every house Impaling the burners and their kin The church was burned by their infernal hatred Womens raped by their infernal lust The men who judged the mothers to be burned Were treated like the mothers had been treated After the horrifying hours of torture They were tied and burned at the stake After the task was completed the earth started to shake The remains of the houses collapsed to the ground The jaws of Hell opened right where peace once prevailed Victorious had the witch-hunt been where the hunter became the hunted

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