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Versuri My Eyes Are Frozen

Rape us the time You bring us this loving wave Crosses they rose On our once proud pagan land Those words they spoke were like Needles on my skin And their blessings were like knives Stabbed into my heart I trusted thee O heathen men of the north To hail and fight And to run them out Those words they listened were like Stabs into my back The baptism they had meant That I had lost homeland Cold winds now freeze my eyes ...Now I flee Out of this shame they caused I spread my wings To fly to a realm of my own My eyes are frozen for the icy tears My soul sheds For those betrayers that were not Strong enough in faith

Versurile Darkwoods My Betrothed melodia album cuvintele melodia melodiei versuri. Versuri descarca versurile muzica straina mp3 My Eyes Are Frozen.

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