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Versuri Red Sky Over The Land Of Fells

In the midst of the dead earth up through the clouds they rise Feet sunk in moss heads covered in a veil of white Kings born and die but fells still watch up proud Like giants in their grandeur they stand and hold the sky Shadows grow tall covering the barren earth The earth that wears only lichen and moss The sun is setting and the sky dresses in red for the coming six fullmoons all light will be lost The daylight goes hiding into infinity The last shades of red turn slowly to gray ...and then to black On some nights will the northern lights appear And send their rays to reflect from the snow Colouring the lands of fells in all their shades When they disappear... only darkness remains

Cantece piesa cuvinte Darkwoods My Betrothed ultima melodie cuvinte muzica straina asculta versurile. Versuri asculta Red Sky Over The Land Of Fells ultima melodie versuri.

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