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I wake up in shivers of cold On a chilly sunny morning of May My eyes try to catch up with what is going on They only recall the nights which in dungeons I laid Chanting in a tongue unknown fills my ears Odour of incenses... warmth of torchfires Men wearing black hooded robes are closing me Golden crosses glow as they light my pyre In the name of the holy trinity We purify thy soul with these flames And baptize you... Never! You can burn me, bastards But you can never take my faith I spit on your cross and curse you In the name of the spirits of my fathers! We cursed you servants of the foreign god Despisable betrayers of your people I will never ever accept your faith Rather I burn at the stake! mp3 mp3 versurile Darkwoods My Betrothed melodiei versuri album ultima melodie. I Burn At The Stake melodiei versuri muzica straina.

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