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Torchlight in utter darkness Starts licking wood with its deadly tongue In seconds its hunger grows Wood is eaten by flames twelve feet long Before the eyes of heathens The shrine of the cross lights up the glade On the ground lie six bodies That have met their fate by pagan blade Hear the autumn thunder in the sky Vanishing the mild summer breeze An autumn thunder roars down on the ground By its force the foreign god flees A flash of steel cuts flesh By doing so it cuts the cross The mossy ground drinks the blood Of a hundred men in white clothes The morning smells of death But still it feels like a fresh wind After so many years Where the forests returned to the pagan kings Hear the autumn thunder in the sky Vanishing the mild summer breeze An autumn thunder roars down on the ground By its force the foreign god flees Fullmoon turned to crescent and crescent to fullmoon Many times over the forests of HÀme The old gods were respected And new houses rose on the ashes of the cross All was at peace When the summer began to turn to autumn But when the first leaves turned to yellow and brown People began to see signs... bad omens One day a hunter from the coast came And told he had heard rumours The ships of the foe had been seen in northwest And their numbers were great Morning mist chilly was floating up from the sea At a dawn when leaves were falling down from trees Gathered were the pagan kings to the circle of stones Out of silence rose a man known as wise and old We've all seen the fires And heard the tale of the hunter Hear my words when I say This autumn roars thunder Passed dusks and dawns two times ten Fires burning were not on their hills Again was blood flowing, now of heathen men The foe had returned to burn and kill Village by village they went Leaving only crosses and ashes behind Until pagans were beaten By their body, not their mind Poured water on their heads Mumbling words of a foreign tongue Built houses for their god Was the pride of these forests forever gone? Hear the autumn thunder fade away With its echo they lost their pride Freedom of centuries was lost in days The autumn thunder in their hearts had died

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