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Versuri Dying To Meet You

In the eyes of the moon I see you The face that brought my soul joy In the reflections of the sun I feel you The cross that brought me hate and pain To the other side of the river my soul yearns I am dying to meet you again To the ruins of what once was a church my soul yearns I am dying to meet you face to face I remember the swwetness of the nights Only me and you and the starlit sky Now I have swallowed too many goblets Of the bitter wine of anger you made me to drink On that night rain fell not On that night winds blew not In the thick hot air One dozen...two dozen Torches appeared out of the chanting darkness Simple minds certain of their ways being the best I recall the last time I saw you Screaming for me on that torchlit hill And I sure will never forget you Not before my sword cuts off your crow

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