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Two eyes in darkness like two burning fires Still cold as a wintery lake The moon is hidden behind dark clouds Fluttering wings... the silence breaks I was walking on the edge of the forest When the eyes began to approach A while I just stood there watching The eyes coming close The owl she came onto my arm Her eyes starring deep into me Soon a shroud covered my eyes I could hear but I couldn't see The time is close, o men of Karelia Men of pride, the time is near Soon thou will see a new god coming When snow falls he will be here Centuries to come will see his dominion His dominion that makes thee slaves Have not fear, it won't last forever The new dawn will hail thy father' gods again At the very moment the last word was gone Returned my sight I saw no owl only heard a silent flutter From Tapio's realm, from the fading night As I walked away I thought: It can't be true that a northern man Would lose his honour and be a slave Of a god from an unknown land....... muzica straina mp3 Darkwoods My Betrothed versuri cuvinte cuvinte. Album mp3 descarca versuri album versurile cuvinte Nightowl versurile melodiei

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