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words and music by Arlo Guthrie Every now and again when the world seems blue And all of the trials there disappear in you They say that there's a way to get across the bridge But I wouldn't be standing here upon this ridge If I thought that I knew That the way to get across to you Was this high and winding stair - I'd be there I saw the destiny of nations on TV I didn't want to miss it so I didn't go to sleep It really was exciting when the whole world turned to rust But I wouldn't be human and made out of this dust You hold me very closely as we walk along the sand You tell me that you'll meet me where the water meets the land I know I ain't the only one to feel so minute But I wouldn't be standing here looking so cute There will be time enough for sorrow I'll be there, I'll be there Yesterday's gone until tommorow I don't care, I don't care Ever since the world began and back before that too You took me in your confidence and told me I was you It just seems kind of funny now to wlak along the path And I wouldn't be standing here about to laugh

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