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words and music by Arlo Guthrie Gonna sit right here and sing myself a tune That I wrote one afternoon After everyone had gone And I know that this won't mean a lot to you You've got better things to do But for me I'll just go on Old dog is Iying in the middle of the road He don't do nothing 'cause he don't want to And I think I'm gonna like that hound 'Cause the more he sits around The less I want to do too Gonna sit right here and watch the world roll by Till we both just up and die Watching clouds and eating flies Don't want to bother no one Don't want nothing here to change A dusty road is all we've ever dreamed of And I think I'm gonna love this life Maybe someday take a wife She can join us if she wants to Ain't nobody gonna tell what to do If a car comes we just move And we both move real smooth like Old dog is moving must be something in the air Some bitch is coming up the road now And I think I'm gonna like that hound 'Cause the more he gets around The more I want to do too

Album cantece melodiei melodia versuri muzica ultima melodie album. Versuri cuvintele cuvinte piesa Eli Arlo Guthrie muzica straina cantece.

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