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Versuri All This Stuff Takes Time

words and music by Arlo Guthrie It ain't so much the boredom But the fire in her soul That made her life unbearable While living in that hole Of her dark surburban nightmare 'Till she went to see the Dead And the self esteem she valued Was immediately spent And she had no one to turn to So she just turned off her mind She's a well adjusted wanderer But all this stuff takes time On the streets of old Wyoming There's a couple from L.A. They are post-environmentalists Looking for to stay 'Till their friends all come to join them In the quest for air to breathe And when it gets too crowded They will just pick up and leave Like they did in New York City When the coast seemed quite sublime It don't take much but money And money just takes time Marie is on the lounge chair Draped around the pool Avoiding almost anyone who'd Desecrate he cool It's the reason she's attractive She's already self abused And her pride won't feel the loneliness That comes with being used She's the center of the universe For which she was designed Until she wakes up wandering Why all this stuff takes time Bill died of a heart attack Beating up his wife Now he's come back as a lesbian That's looking for his wife Who is now a psychoanalyst That likes to work with plants Except of course on weekends When she likes to wear the pants She's a leather goddess minister Who works with the confined It don't take much to realize That all this stuff takes time

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