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Versuri Carry Me Over

words and music by Arlo Guthrie There's a tavern up on the roadside I must be coming into town The moon must be in Aries Because the truck ain't slowing down Pulled back on the throttle I've been doing that all day Looking ahead for a right-hand turn To carry me away There's times for understanding It don't seem like one of those The times are too demanding When you're hanging by your nose So why don't you just get out of here And leave me here to pray That one of these mornings the sun's going to rise And carry me away CHORUS: Carry me over the highway Carry me over the sky Carry me over the lonliness That I'm feeling here tonight You know I'm feeling just like a riptide And I'm feeling a little scared A twisted maze of old highways Nobody has repaired It ain't nothing that can't be handled Like an actor in a play Who becomes enraged, jumps from the stage And gets a little carried away Now all of your highways Don't mean much to me no more I've been on all of your highway roads Of that you can be sure But I still get lost on all of them roads I can't seems to find my way I know there's one out there somewhere To carry me away CHORUS

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