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Versuri Drowning Man

words and music by Arlo Guthrie I remember when I met you Underneath the evening sky Now it seems I could forget you Rescue me, I'm bound to die All the promises we made there With no words to understand And though I've tried I've come up empty Heart of stone, drowning man CHORUS: I'm going down for the third time And I need a helping hand The rooster crows and I'm sinking Heart of stone, drowning man Where are you, my dear companion How much longer must you be I'm all alone out on the ocean When will you come and rescue me It's too late for new beginnings In this world I've left behind There is nothing left worth keeping Not a thing to change my mind CHORUS How far down the road to glory Must we go without a sign Caught out on these stormy waters How can you treat me so unkind Did you know from the beginning That I'd dig this lousy hole Oh, don't leave me here abandoned In this dark night of the soul CHORUS

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