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Versuri Prologue

words and music by Arlo Guthrie In the event of my demise Be sure to include this statement When you are bent on closing my eyes Thinking about what my life meant Alone on a hill back in '65 Things looked a lot like changing Singing our songs that we harmonized Dreaming of worlds rearranging And I don't know why I'm singing tonight Maybe it's time someone told you Just because you say you've seen the light Doesn't mean nobody sold you I can remember all of your smiles During the demonstrations Taking on what seemed like the whole world Igniting the hearts of our nations And together we sang our victory songs Though we were worlds apart Every thing then has now passed away Except for the love in my heart Sitting at home on computerized beds Tryine to come to conclusions Seeing reflections from rose-colored heads Ignoring the states of illusion Drunk in a world of material wealth No one can notice you falling Fantastic flights once good tor your health Now make you deaf to your calling And all alone the prophet groans With words as yet unseen Who'll be awake when the master returns Who will be lost in their dreams So in the event of my demise 8e sure to include this statement Only the words of love kept alive Are worthy of not being wasted

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