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Versuri Darkest Hour

words and music by Arlo Guthrie It's the tenth of January And I still ain't had no sleep She comes waItzing in the nighttime Made of wings She is dressed up like a bandit With a hundred sparkling rings Looking for my company to keep Coming closer to me She doesn't say a word In the shadow of the carved rock tower Where the sounds of the night Were the only things we heard In my darkest hour She don't want to hear no secrets She would guarantee me that She knows there ain't no words That can describe her With her white silk scarves And her black Spanish hat She knows there ain't no way I can deny her Yes her blue velvet perfume Filling up the night The guards are all asleep That watch the tower The moon light held her breast As she easily undressed In my darkest hour Her father's in his chambers with his Friends all gathered 'round They are plotting their enemy's demise With their last detail done They await the coming sun While I am staring in my lover's eyes Her brothers and her sisters Are all through for tonight Pretending that they've just Come into power But she far most of all, knows that they Can only fall In my darkest hour Hungry wings; their melodies While my love awakens me In the midst of the sunburst first light Her hands are holding up the skies As I hid my opened eyes Every move just for herself And that's so right Soon I went along my way With no words that could explain As she began descending to the tower Her safety now concerns me Her circumstance to blame In my darkest hour Darkest Hour versuri melodiei cuvinte ultima melodie melodia cuvinte muzica straina piesa. Versuri Arlo Guthrie album muzica.

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