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Held in hands, a warm cup Of skin always taken in by peers And friends and the heightened fears Over the years Now I know I'm not like everyone In this head I see the ground You came from, unknown, undug From where you were staying in A backyard bed until We came together Raspberry, in my hand You feel alright but I don't Know if I am I can't change What I am right now, but I'll be fine in the next life I know I can say, I'm honest With myself and with My red tasty gem And sure they will try, but They can't take away My secret loving friend And on a good day, my mind Is like the wide open A breath of zen that's nice On the eyes, lonely, without a prayer Take the trip that I have I am at risk But I guess you know... Explosions From the goldfish bowl Visions Of blue girls crying stars The more the garden sings The harder it gets to stay in There are a lot of choices So many voices ruling me So many of them at once Yelling, Everything's a mess...I know

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