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Versuri Another sunday

Sunday... Always hard to get to sleep when Weird noises are implying threats On cold sheets I sweat On any other day It's all rest and flowers And a long night of nothing In the morning some coffee 'Cause when the sun goes Down you close your eyes and think That you might wake in the same place I'm out of my head That was what they said There was no way I would Ever trust again There's something that fills you up And it feels you up and then It takes control of your better sense There ain't no control of things You take for granted But they came and they Held me up and they felt me up And left...I miss them Take me to your world I want to know if I belong There instead of here Is there religion? It is unordinary To want this affection But I don't have a real friend And I hate my whole family But from my bed, my window's Lit by a red light I have seen before, while floating away

Album asculta muzica muzica muzica straina muzica ultima melodie muzica descarca asculta. Ultima melodie versuri versuri cuvintele muzica Another sunday ultima melodie I Mother Earth

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